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Which HUAWEI smart watch is for you?

Purchasing a smartwatch can be almost as costly as buying a new phone. You don’t want to be disappointed, and spend more and more money to find the one you really need, so take a little time, assess your needs and look through the offers available. Maybe this article will help a bit too.

Things to consider


If you are invested in the Apple ecosystem and have an iPhone, you will probably have a way better experience if you just choose the iWatch. On the other hand, if you don’t like the 1-day standby time or would prefer a round watch, HUAWEI devices will work fine with some limitations. Buying premium watch faces is an example of things not available at the moment, but if you can slightly lower your expectations you will have a great time with a HUAWEI watch.

Fitness/health functions

If you are not a fitness nut with very specific requirements or someone who needs advanced heart rate monitoring, HUAWEI Health and the supported devices will be more than adequate. The interface is clear and easy to use both on the phone and the watch, not sure what else you need for general use.

Smart functions

This is where HUAWEI has some disadvantages on the market. While most devices can display notifications, only a few like the Watch 3 can reply to messages, and the range of supported applications is extremely limited.

The other problem is that there are not too many quality applications on the HUAWEI AppGallery for the supported devices (GT 2 Pro & Watch 3). Compared to the Apple and Wear OS supply there is a lot to be desired and the apps available might also have limited functionality.

Battery life

Compared to the iWatch or Wear OS devices, HUAWEI watches have extremely good standby times. Even the more advanced ones like the Watch 3 series can easily operate for 3-5 days on a single charge, while models like the GT 2 can power through 2 full weeks with average use.


There is a wide array of styles for HUAWEI watches, you’ll surely find one that suits you. There is a small rectangular option with the Watch Fit and a number of choices for circular designs in various sizes. If you have a small wrist, consider choosing the 42mm version instead of the 46mm, but you can find an option even if you have powerful man-arms with the 48mm Watch 3 Pro.

Also, don’t forget to check out the individual product pages of the watch models as they are available in various colors and bezel designs. You can also use 3rd party straps and bracelets which can really breathe new life into your watch if you are bored with the way it looks.


You can get a Watch Fit for 95 USD if you are lucky, but on the other end of the spectrum, the Watch 3 Pro Titanium can be as much as 600+ USD. Is it worth it? Well, it all depends on your personal preference in style and required features. (I did not regret choosing the Watch 3 Pro!)


Do you remember the joke that when you are looking for a service you must choose 2 options among cost, time, and quality? We are in a similar situation when looking for a great smartwatch.

My personal recommendations might not apply to you, but here they are anyway:

Price + Battery life: HUAWEI Watch Fit

Price + Design + Battery life: HUAWEI Watch GT 2

Fitness + Battery life: HUAWEI Watch GT 3 or GT Runner

Smart functions + Design: HUAWEI Watch 3 Pro

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