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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Enables Enhanced SmartThings Control for European Users

Samsung has initiated the deployment of upgraded SmartThings capabilities to its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 4 devices in Europe, enabling users to access the same level of control as those in the US, with a particular focus on expanding the range of device types that can be controlled from the watch.

As a result of the upgrade, Samsung smartwatch users can easily interact with doorbells, cameras, thermostats, and even remotely control certain Samsung TVs using their watch, eliminating the need to use the SmartThings app on their phone and making it as easy as controlling the devices through the Wear OS SmartThings Tile.

Users can now view live video feeds from cameras or doorbells connected to the SmartThings app on Wear OS and utilize two-way communication from their wrist, while smart blinds and air purifier fan speeds can also be controlled from Samsung smartwatches, a minor but valuable update for European Galaxy Watch users that contributes to enhancing the Wear OS platform and aligns with Google’s new app developer guidelines.

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