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Workaround for the HUAWEI Watch 3’s random vibration during outdoor workouts

The HUAWEI Watch 3 and Watch 3 Pro are amazing pieces of technology. They have better specs and are positively smarter than other HUAWEI products, for example, they can not only display an AOD version of a watch face like the GT 3, but they can also display color variations of a watch face, which gives you way more options. Another unique feature of the W3 is that you can reply to messages with the built-in keyboard. Even though the GT 3 Pro is the new poster child, I bet it can’t do that.

Unfortunately, there is an annoying bug since the last firmware update which makes the watch vibrate in a random manner when doing outdoor exercises like walking. Everything else works fine, the data displayed after the exercise is finished seems to be complete, but the random buzzing just drives me crazy.

The most probable culprit for this behavior is losing and reacquiring the GPS lock. The just-released firmware version will hopefully fix the problem, but until you receive it there is a workaround to have a less annoying walk outside:

Don’t start the exercise on the watch, start it on your phone in the HUAWEI Health app!

That’s it! Tested, working, leas annoying. Yeah, you have to take your phone with you…

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