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WhatsApp has made its debut on Wear OS smartwatches.

WhatsApp has revealed the exciting news that its application is now accessible on all Wear OS 3 smartwatches, coinciding perfectly with the imminent Samsung Unpacked event where the introduction of new Samsung Galaxy Watches is anticipated.

With the WhatsApp app for Wear OS, users gain the convenience of initiating new conversations, responding to messages, and even handling calls directly from their smartwatches. The app provides various response options, including voice messages, emojis, regular text, and quick replies. Furthermore, for those with a Wear OS 3 watch featuring LTE capabilities, responding to messages is possible without the necessity of having their phone nearby.

This release has been strategically timed to align with the Samsung Unpacked event, which has been buzzing with rumors about the highly anticipated Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the first smartwatches to be powered by Wear OS 4. By introducing the Wear OS app at this moment, WhatsApp aims to generate momentum leading up to the event and draw in its vast user base, which currently stands at an impressive 2.24 billion active users.

For Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, this expansion onto the Wear OS platform represents a strategic move to bolster their presence in the wearable market. Notably, Meta had previously halted its own smartwatch endeavors, underscoring the significance of their decision to collaborate with Wear OS.

This advancement is a part of Google’s ongoing efforts to enrich the third-party app ecosystem on Wear OS. In addition to WhatsApp, Spotify has plans to introduce new Tiles for its Wear OS app later this year, and Peloton has recently launched its own Wear OS app. These collaborations yield mutual benefits for both app developers and the Wear OS platform, providing users with a more comprehensive smartwatch experience.

Overall, the availability of WhatsApp on Wear OS smartwatches represents a significant stride forward for both the messaging app and the smartwatch platform. Users can now conveniently access WhatsApp’s features directly from their wrist, while Meta expands its reach to a new audience of Wear OS users.

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