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The Google Pixel Watch Now Monitors Blood Oxygen Levels Overnight and You Can Get an Official Silver or Black Metal Band Too

Compared to its competitors, Google’s Pixel Watch is a relatively recent entrant in the market, which means it still has ground to cover in terms of features. In order to bridge that gap, Google has unveiled an exciting update for the Pixel Watch—blood oxygen tracking. With this new functionality, the watch will diligently monitor your overnight oxygen saturation levels while you sleep, promptly alerting you to any fluctuations. It’s worth noting that blood oxygen tracking is already available on popular devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch, Apple Watch, and Fitbit trackers, all of which fall under Google’s ownership.

In addition to blood oxygen tracking, Google has introduced a range of updates for both the Pixel Watch and Pixel Phone. In terms of health monitoring, the Pixel Watch will now keep a close watch on your heart rate, promptly notifying you if any irregularities are detected. Moreover, the Pixel Watch will expand the availability of Google Assistant across a wider range of languages and locations. Additionally, users can enjoy three new Spotify tiles for enhanced music control, and the option to purchase Brushed Silver or Matte Black Metal Link Bands, priced at $200 each. As for the Google Pixel Phones, notable new features include enhanced emergency sharing, vibrant emoji wallpapers, and the ability to export recordings to Google Docs.

With the exception of the new Metal Link Band colors, which are scheduled to be released in the coming days, all updates are currently accessible. There have been speculations about the upcoming launch of the Google Pixel Watch 2 in the autumn, and if these rumors prove accurate, we can anticipate an array of exciting additional features.

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