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The Google Pixel Watch 2 may soon encounter fresh competition from the OnePlus Watch 2

OnePlus enthusiasts who were anticipating the launch of a smartwatch alongside the OnePlus 12 series on January 23 found themselves puzzled when the wearable failed to make an appearance. However, there’s no need to worry as the wait is nearly over! According to reports, the highly anticipated OnePlus Watch 2 is set to be unveiled next month during the MWC 2024 event in Barcelona, Spain.

One of the most significant rumored upgrades for the OnePlus Watch 2 is the transition to Google’s Wear OS. This marks a notable departure from the RTOS used in the first OnePlus Watch, which lacked numerous features and app compatibility compared to Wear OS and its competitor, Apple’s watchOS. This limitation was a major concern for users and contributed to the lukewarm reception of the original Watch.

With Wear OS on board, the OnePlus Watch 2 promises a plethora of possibilities. Users can anticipate a more extensive app ecosystem, smoother performance, and seamless integration with Google’s wide array of services. This positions the Watch 2 in direct competition with established contenders such as the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 and the equally robust yet relatively new Google Pixel Watch 2.

Under the hood, leaked specifications suggest that the OnePlus Watch 2 will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chipset, offering enhanced performance and efficiency. Interestingly, this is the same chipset featured in the Pixel Watch 2, indicating comparable raw power and overall performance. With Wear OS coupled with a capable chip, the OnePlus Watch 2 could emerge as a formidable player in the smartwatch market.

However, while the specifications of the OnePlus Watch 2 seem promising, it won’t be an easy task to rival Google’s Pixel Watch 2. To truly differentiate itself, the OnePlus Watch 2 requires more than just a powerful processor and a popular operating system. It needs a sleek and contemporary design, possibly a rugged construction to cater to active lifestyles, cellular connectivity for standalone functionality, precise fitness tracking, and prolonged battery life. These are all essential elements that OnePlus must perfect to compete effectively, not only with the Pixel Watch 2 but also with other established competitors such as Samsung and Apple.

The ability of the OnePlus Watch 2 to establish itself as a distinctive offering in the smartwatch market is yet to be determined. Nevertheless, the transition to Wear OS along with the prospect of a potent chipset are promising developments. Assuming the credibility of this leak, further information about the OnePlus Watch 2 is anticipated at the MWC 2024. Should OnePlus succeed in fulfilling all expectations, it could pose a significant challenge to the Pixel Watch 2.

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