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SmartThings Find by Samsung expands to a massive 300 million nodes

With each update from Samsung, their ecosystem operates more and more smoothly. Recently, the tech company has revealed that it has grown its SmartThings Find network by over 100 million nodes since July 2022, bringing the total number of nodes to over 300 million.

The SmartThings Find network works similarly to Apple’s Find My network, using various Galaxy devices as connection points or nodes, to enable users to locate each other. As more nodes are added, the network becomes stronger and more extensive, which enhances the accuracy of the SmartThings Find service.

The SmartThings network allows users to locate their lost Galaxy smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, SmartTag, or earbuds by using the SmartThings app. The app shows the device’s location on a map and has an option to make it ring to help locate it easily.

Samsung is increasingly dedicated to creating a seamless experience for its customers. “We’re excited to see such rapid expansion in SmartThings Find. Our ecosystem of connected devices offers numerous new possibilities and significant benefits, such as reducing the anxiety associated with losing a device and ensuring the safety of one’s belongings,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Corporate Executive Vice President and Head of SmartThings at Samsung Electronics.

According to Jung, Samsung is committed to addressing concerns about the inappropriate use of tracking devices. “We take user data security and the prevention of misuse seriously in SmartThings Find. To that end, we have implemented advanced security and privacy features, and we are also collaborating with the broader industry to promote security specifications and standards,” Jung stated.

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