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Samsung’s Next Smartwatch and Desired Improvements

With the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro already in the market, it’s not surprising to think that a new version is already on its way. Although rumors of a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 have been scarce, it is widely believed that the tech giant will soon release a new iteration.

Will There be a Samsung Galaxy Watch 6?

It is highly likely that Samsung will launch a new smartwatch in 2023. The company made a significant impact in the smartwatch market with the introduction of the Galaxy Watch 4 series, which runs on Wear OS 3. Currently, the Galaxy Watch 5 series continues to lead the market. With other Wear OS-based devices gaining popularity, Samsung will likely release a new generation of smartwatches to maintain its momentum, especially with competition like the Pixel Watch targeting the same user base.

Galaxy Watch 6 Pro Model: Is it Happening?

It is highly probable that Samsung will continue to offer customers a choice between two models. The question remains whether the company will bring back the Classic model or launch a second Pro version, following the success of the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

What to expect from the Galaxy Watch 6?

The Galaxy Watch line hasn’t seen a significant change in design with the latest generation, but it boasts an attractive look, a vibrant AMOLED screen, and top-notch specifications. Given the success of the current design, we can anticipate that Samsung will stick to a similar style in the next iteration.

The exact details of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 lineup are still unknown, but it’s likely that the company will continue to offer two models in different sizes. The circular case and interchangeable bands are expected to remain unchanged. The Series 5 enhanced durability features, and we hope to see them carried over to the Galaxy Watch 6. The return of the D buckle clasp is also expected.

There have been rumors that the Galaxy Watch 6 could feature microLED displays, similar to the rumors about Apple’s Ultra model. However, according to SamMobile, the technology won’t be available in time for an August release, so it’s likely that this feature will debut in the Galaxy Watch 7. MicroLED displays provide a brighter display with better color reproduction and visibility, and they can also help conserve battery life.

Health and Fitness Monitoring

At this point, it is uncertain what new features the next generation of the Samsung Galaxy Watch will bring in terms of health and fitness tracking. However, it’s likely that the sensors such as the accelerometer, barometer, gyroscope, geomagnetic sensor, and Samsung’s BioActive sensor package (including an optical heart rate monitor, an electrocardiogram, and a bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor) will still be included. The temperature sensor will also still be present, although it is hoped that it will be utilized more effectively.

The current series of Galaxy Watches boasts reliable fitness tracking and integrated GPS, and the Pro model added new navigation tools for outdoor enthusiasts, making it similar to a Garmin device. It is probable that these features will continue to be part of the Galaxy Watch series. It remains unknown, however, if they will also be included in the base model of the Galaxy Watch 6 lineup.

What the Galaxy Watch 6 series needs to improve on

Battery life is a crucial aspect for any wearable device, and the Galaxy Watch series is no exception. Although there have been some improvements made from one generation to the next, there is still room for improvement.

Competitors like Fitbit and Garmin boast battery life that lasts nearly a week, and even Apple has added a low power mode to close the gap. To stay competitive, Samsung needs to keep up by improving battery life and potentially even offering faster charging. Additionally, the larger models of the Galaxy Watch 5 had better specs, but the small case sizes were lacking, which should be addressed in the new series.

Reviving the Classic Bezel

The discontinuation of the Classic model in the 4 series in favor of the premium Pro model was a source of excitement. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro brought a new level of excellence to the table, with its premium construction and added navigation tools. The brand appeared to be shifting its focus to a fitness-oriented wearable suitable for outdoor adventures.

However, the Pro model came with a trade-off. Saying goodbye to the Classic also meant saying goodbye to the much-loved rotating bezel design feature. We hope that Samsung will bring innovative design changes to the next lineup, along with a range of exciting colors, and most importantly, a model that features the cherished bezel.

Wider Accessibility

For fans of the Galaxy Watch, the past two years have been a great time to be a Samsung smartphone user. However, despite our expectations, the Galaxy Watch 5 series still had the same limitations in terms of compatibility for health tracking, just like the 4 series. Only a select group of users could access the electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring, which can only be used when paired with a Samsung phone through the Health Monitor app.
We hope that the next generation will expand its accessibility and allow more users to access all the features. Limiting these key tools to just a few users makes the series less appealing, especially as the competition in the wearables market continues to increase.

When Can We Expect the Galaxy Watch 6 Release?

Samsung follows a consistent pattern for its product releases, with the exception of the Galaxy Watch Active, which was announced in February 2019 and released in March of the same year. Every other Galaxy Watch model has been announced in August and released a few weeks later. Based on the company’s previous release dates, we expect the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 to be announced at the Samsung Unpacked event this summer, most likely in early August. The new devices are expected to hit shelves before the end of the same month.

What will the cost of the Galaxy Watch 6 be?

It’s difficult to predict the cost of the Galaxy Watch 6 as it’s influenced by various factors. Last year, the starting price of the Galaxy Watch 5 was $279 for the standard model and $449 for the Pro version which came in one size only. There was also an additional charge for the LTE versions. These prices were slightly higher compared to the previous generation. If the new series comes with significant improvements, then a higher price could be justified, but right now it is impossible to predict what the final cost will be.

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