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Samsung and Google are gearing up for the development of Wear OS 5, which will be built upon Android 14

The upcoming iteration of Wear OS is expected to arrive possibly within this year, as Samsung and Google collaborate on preparing an update to Wear OS 5 based on Android 14.

Previously, significant updates to Wear OS were infrequent. For instance, Wear OS 2.2, which was based on Android 9, was introduced in 2018 and remained relatively unchanged for several years apart from incremental feature additions like Tiles.

The release of Wear OS 3 in 2021, built on Android 11, marked a new chapter for smartwatches powered by Google’s software, starting with the Galaxy Watch 4 series. Subsequently, Google launched its inaugural Pixel Watch in the following year, introducing Wear OS 3.5 with Fitbit integration and an enhanced Google Assistant experience. In 2023, the Galaxy Watch 6 debuted Wear OS 4, incorporating Android 13, backup capabilities, and various enhancements for supported devices.

According to reports from 9to5Google, Samsung is actively developing support for Android 14 for its upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 chip, the Exynos 5535, as reported recently. This build is referred to in multiple instances as “Wear OS 5.”

Based on recent trends, it is likely that the Galaxy Watch 7 series this summer will serve as the platform for the debut of Wear OS 5. Subsequently, the Pixel Watch 3, which 9to5Google recently suggested may be available in two sizes, is anticipated to follow in the fall.

No significant specifics were disclosed regarding the forthcoming update to Wear OS 5. Following the pattern observed last year, it is probable that we won’t receive more insights into the key features of Wear OS 5 until after Google’s Pixel Watch series undergoes the update. Overall, it remains uncertain whether Wear OS 5 will showcase any noticeable external alterations, given that the transition from 3.5 to 4.0 could be easily overlooked.

What stands out is the timing of Wear OS 5’s emergence. Historically, Wear OS has typically skipped Android versions, adopting versions 9, 11, and 13. However, by preparing for Android 14 on watches, it appears Google aims to establish an annual update cycle for wearables comparable to that of smartphones.

Similarly, Android TV has followed a yearly release schedule, with Google introducing an initial Android TV 14 Beta last summer. Nevertheless, Google’s Chromecast with Google TV lineup still operates on Android 12.

Conversely, in the realm of wearables, Google has been gradually phasing out functionalities of Wear OS 2, with older watches losing access to features like Google Assistant and the Google News Tile in recent months. This move is expected to encourage users to transition to more modern smartwatches, thereby enabling app developers to concentrate on supporting the latest Wear OS versions and expanding the much-needed app ecosystem.

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