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Samsung aims for the development of non-intrusive methods for monitoring blood glucose levels and blood pressure

Samsung has given a strong indication of its efforts towards incorporating non-invasive blood glucose monitoring and blood pressure tracking in upcoming wearables.

In a conversation with Bloomberg, Hon Pak, the company’s mobile digital health chief, implied that there’s a substantial investment underway for the development of next-generation health features.

“If we can achieve continuous blood pressure and glucose monitoring, we’re entering a whole new realm. I believe that’s the goal everyone is striving for,” Pak stated.

“We are exploring various avenues, from miniaturization to different technology platforms capable of some form of glucose monitoring or anything in between.”

Pak did not specify a timeline for the introduction of these features to Samsung Galaxy wearables, including the upcoming Galaxy Ring. However, they hinted that non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology could potentially emerge within the next five years.

Similarly, Apple has long been rumored to be pursuing similar advancements in health sensors. Approximately a year ago, it was reported that the company had made progress in delivering non-invasive glucose monitoring on the Apple Watch. Apple’s VP of Health, Sumbum Desai, has also suggested the possibility of integrating this advanced sensor at some point.

There are speculations that the 2024 Apple Watch might introduce native hypertension detection, challenging the current capabilities of Samsung’s smartwatches, which sporadically measure blood pressure after calibration with a separate monitor.

While non-invasive technology and native blood pressure analysis may still be a ways off, it’s evident from these comments that major companies are competing to be the first to offer these features.

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