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Quick fix to your problems after the Galaxy Watch 4 update

The big update for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic dropped almost a week ago. Unfortunately, a lot of people encountered problems like faster draining battery, random buzzing, and the random crash of the Samsung Health app. What can we do to mitigate these?

Give it some time

Immediately after the update, you will feel the urge to try every new and old function. This will not be a pleasant experience as the interface will be laggy for quite some time after rebooting the watch. Trying to start every app at once will just make the situation worse. Give it some time, maybe watch a movie or eat a burger.

As a side-note, the watch might need a few days to re-learn your usage pattern to show the proper battery forecast…

Update the watch apps

The update is for Wear OS, which is the operating system of the device. The apps you see on the watch can and should be updated separately. Be sure to do this as your old apps might not be fully compatible with the new firmware.

  • To update Samsung’s apps on the watch go into Settings > Apps > Samsung app updates
  • To update all other apps, open the Play store app on the watch > My apps > Update all

This did help with the Samsung Health app crashes, now it works perfectly.

Let it go

Some watch faces and apps might not be compatible with the new firmware. For example, certain older watch faces do not update the time in AOD more anymore as the old function that did this is missing from the new OS. These apps might or might not receive an update, so maybe you should try something new?


If the steps above didn’t help, you might want to completely reset the watch (Settings > General > Reset). Be warned that you might lose data even if you did a full backup. In my case, I had to reinstall all my apps and watch faces even after restoring the backup.

If you reset the device, don’t forget to give it some time and update the watch apps again.

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