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CELEST 5520 Retro digital Watch

This watch face features a nostalgic LCD layout, complete with a weekday bar that highlights the current day, making it easy to keep track of your week. With versatile time display options, you can switch effortlessly between AM/PM and 24-hour modes. Personalization is key with 9 vibrant light color options, a full black mode for energy conservation, and 9 LCD color variations. Customize further with your choice of black or white numbers on the LCD for optimal visibility and style.

Experience unmatched convenience with our watch face’s two Always-On Display (AOD) variations, ensuring it looks stunning even in low power mode. Access essential functions at your fingertips with built-in shortcuts to your alarm, calendar, heart rate monitor, and step counter. Upgrade your smartwatch with this feature-packed digital watch face, and enjoy the perfect blend of retro elegance and modern convenience.

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Awesome retro design. Very nicely done. I’m a sucker for retro digitals and you have made the best

Brendon Hall | Jun 30, 2024, 21:56