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CELEST 5519 Vintage Watch

Designed with beautifully rendered Roman numerals, this watch face exudes timeless elegance, complemented by a smaller seconds dial with a smooth, sweeping motion. The addition of three customizable Freemason icons adds a layer of mystery and intrigue, making your watch face unique and captivating. With 9 vibrant background color variations and 6 versatile marker options, you can tailor your watch face to suit any style or occasion.

Enhance your watch face further with 3 optional circular complications, providing at-a-glance information such as weather updates or fitness stats. This feature-rich design ensures that every glance at your wrist not only keeps you informed but also reminds you of the perfect fusion of classic beauty and modern convenience. Elevate your timekeeping experience with a watch face that tells a story of elegance, mystery, and personalized style.

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  • 3 customizable freemason icons
  • 3 optional circular complications


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