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CELEST 5506 Dress Watch

Embrace timeless elegance with a modern twist. This watch face evokes classic dress watches, but with a personalized touch. Choose from eight stunning gradient backgrounds that shimmer with movement, or go for a sleek black look. Customize your style further with your choice of color for the numbers and markers – classic white, bold black, sophisticated gold, or modern silver. Even in low light, stay informed with three luminous options – white, gold, or silver. And for the ultimate personalization, pick from nine captivating colors for the always-on display lume, numbers, and markers.

Don’t compromise on functionality for style. With four different spots to place your most-used complications, you can prioritize the information you need, whether it’s steps, heart rate, weather, battery life, or anything else. This watch face is the perfect blend of tradition and technology, offering timeless design with endless customization possibilities.

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  • 4 complication placement options


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