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CELEST 5504 Diver Watch

Inspired by the mysterious depths of the ocean, this watch face combines the allure of underwater worlds with cutting-edge technology. Featuring 19 vivid color variations set against a sleek black background, it’s as mesmerizing as it is functional. The large, dive watch-style numbers ensure clarity and precision, while a digital display on the right side keeps you informed with the date, year, weekday, and seconds – a futuristic twist on a classic design. Plus, with 4 optional circular complication placements, you can customize your watch face to reflect your unique style.

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  • Date
  • Year
  • Weekday
  • Digital seconds
  • 4 optional complication placements


  • V1
  • V2
  • V3
  • V4
  • V5
  • V6
  • V7
  • V8
  • V9
  • V10
  • V11
  • V12
  • V13
  • V14
  • V15
  • V16
  • V17
  • V18
  • V19
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Installation / Troubleshooting

Unfortunately installation is not a smooth experience yet and we developers cannot do anything about it as it is mostly handled by the respective platforms.

Please refer to the dedicated pages for troubleshooting

Top design! Great colour choices, and the sweeping second indicator looks real nice. 10/10! 👏

Steve May - Feb 28, 2024, 22:07

What an awesome and unique design. So many awesome color options. Yet another amazing peice of craftsmanship for the CELEST library.

Brendon Hall - Feb 20, 2024, 11:17