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CELEST 5476 Minimalist Watch

The epitome of sleek sophistication, this digital watch face combines a clean, ultra-minimalist design with a touch of modern elegance. Featuring large, slender lettering, the watch face exudes a refined aesthetic that complements any style.

The classic white-on-black display, accented with a striking pop of vibrant color, effortlessly highlights the time, day of the week, date, and AM/PM, all within a single glance. Whether in active use or standby mode, the Always-On Display (AOD) version mirrors the same captivating simplicity, ensuring a seamless and energy-efficient experience that lasts throughout the day.

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  • Weekday
  • Day
  • Time
  • AM/PM


Cerise, Thulian pink, Chili red, Pumpkin, Hunyadi yellow, Vista blue, Periwinkle, Turquoise, Jungle green, Olivine, White

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Installation / Troubleshooting

Unfortunately installation is not a smooth experience yet and we developers cannot do anything about it as it is mostly handled by the respective platforms.

Please refer to the dedicated pages for troubleshooting

Superb minimal design. Great choice of colours too. Highly recommended!

Steve May - Oct 29, 2023, 13:26