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CELEST 5474 Fun Watch

Embracing the timeless aesthetic of a field/military watch, this watch face adds a chilling twist by featuring iconic horror monsters as the backdrop. These monsters include Frankenstein, a Vampire, an Alien, a Werewolf, a Skeleton, Zombies, and the enigmatic Phantom of the Opera, each lending an air of mystery to your wrist. With three additional background choices (Halloween, Shiny Black, and AMOLED Black), you can tailor the watch face to your mood or the occasion. Furthermore, its highly visible Always-On Display (AOD), utilizing just 10% active pixels, ensures exceptional energy efficiency, making this watch face not only eerie but also eco-friendly.

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  • Weekday and date window


  • Frankenstein
  • Vampire
  • Alien
  • Werewolf
  • Skeleton
  • Zombies
  • Phantom
  • Halloween
  • Shiny black
  • AMOLED black
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this is definetly my halloween watch this year. well done, what an awesome watchface. the true black option is absolutely stunning as well.

Brendon Hall - Oct 13, 2023, 14:38