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CELEST 5473 Dress Watch

Embrace a blast from the past with our minimalist watch face, channeling the charm of 80’s budget analog watches. This watch face features effortlessly readable numbers, shunning distractions to showcase only the hour, minute, and second hands. Personalize your timekeeping experience with a choice of four hand colors: versatile gray, opulent gold, clean white, or sleek black, complemented by six distinct dial hues—bold black, mysterious dark, calming blue, elegant green, gentle light, or elegant pearl. Blend nostalgia and modernity effortlessly on your wrist with this timeless yet contemporary watch face.

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Notes for HUAWEI

Please be aware that not all watch faces are available on every HUAWEI device. If you cannot find the specific watch face you are seeking listed in the HUAWEI Health app, regrettably, it is not compatible with your device.

Additionally, it’s important to note that not all HUAWEI models offer variations in watch face colors. In instances where variations are available, there is a possibility that not all options depicted here may be accessible on your device.


  • Black
  • Dark
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Light
  • Pearl
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Installation / Troubleshooting

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Great dial.

Отличный циферблат.

Станислав Бешта | Jan 20, 2024, 10:37

Another amazing classic and simple masterpeice. This is all i need. I use the tiles for my other info. Love for my watch to just look like a watch

Brendon Hall - Oct 8, 2023, 23:26