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CELEST 5462 Analog Watch

The watch face exudes a minimalist, elegant, and functional essence. Its design features slender lines and silver hands, complemented by sophisticated numerals that elegantly indicate the hours and minutes. In addition, it includes a discreet seconds hand and a petite 24-hour dial positioned next to the date window. This timepiece is offered in a choice of six dark and two light colors to cater to various preferences.

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Notes for HUAWEI

Please be aware that not all watch faces are available on every HUAWEI device. If you cannot find the specific watch face you are seeking listed in the HUAWEI Health app, regrettably, it is not compatible with your device.

Additionally, it’s important to note that not all HUAWEI models offer variations in watch face colors. In instances where variations are available, there is a possibility that not all options depicted here may be accessible on your device.


  • Small seconds hand
  • Small 24-hour hand


Black, Gunmetal, Space cadet, Dark slate gray, Blood red, Dark purple, Papaya whip, Magnolia, Thistle


This watch face has received improvements since it’s initial release:

  • Small dials visible on AOD with the seconds hand replaced by the infinity symbol
  • Light date window in AOD
  • An additional background color variation
  • 2 optional circular widgets to replace the default small dials
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Installation / Troubleshooting

Unfortunately installation is not a smooth experience yet and we developers cannot do anything about it as it is mostly handled by the respective platforms.

Please refer to the dedicated pages for troubleshooting

Another awesome minimal. This watchface looks so good in real time. Very nice design and very nice execution.

Brendon Hall - Jul 30, 2023, 22:04