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Peloton Now Supports Heart Rate Monitoring with Wear OS 3 Smartwatches

Starting today, Peloton’s machines are able to automatically synchronize with smartwatches made by Samsung, Google, Fossil, and other manufacturers that use the Wear OS 3 operating system. This includes Peloton’s bikes, treadmill, rower, and Guide strength training system.

The integration is part of an update to the Peloton app, and the process is straightforward. Once you begin a workout on a Peloton machine, you will receive a prompt to connect your Wear OS 3 watch. After tapping the connect button, you will be able to use the watch as a heart rate monitor during your workout.

The primary advantage of this integration is that users will no longer need to purchase an additional Bluetooth heart rate monitor in order to access Peloton’s heart rate-based features, including the Strive Score. Peloton offers a $90 heart rate band that is worn around the arm, but it does not provide as much value as a smartwatch that can track multiple fitness metrics instead of just one. With a smartwatch, users can avoid the expense of a single-use wearable and gain access to a variety of additional features.

There are a few conditions and exceptions to be aware of. First, your smartphone must be running Android 8.0 or a later version, and you must have Samsung Health app version 6.22 installed. The older Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is not compatible, but other Wear OS 3 watches from non-Samsung brands are.

It’s great to see Peloton show some love for Android users, as the company typically gives priority to iOS and Apple Watch users. However, this integration still favors Apple, as Peloton released an Apple Watch integration for its machines last year around this time. This development is good news for Wear OS 3 as a whole, but it also emphasizes the platform’s shortcomings. On the positive side, it is a testament to Wear OS 3’s stronger third-party app ecosystem compared to Wear OS 2. This, along with Google’s continued efforts, suggests a bright future for the platform.

Conversely, a Wear OS 3-wide release does not address the fact that the platform remains fragmented. Apple Watches, in contrast, provide a relatively consistent experience, whereas a Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, Pixel Watch, and Fossil Gen 6 can offer three entirely distinct experiences. Notably, Samsung’s watches are predominantly emphasized in this announcement, likely because it was written by Samsung and makes no reference to other watches. After the initial release, Peloton had to clarify that the feature works with all Wear OS 3 devices. Nonetheless, it’s reassuring to know that it’s now available on all Wear OS 3 devices.

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