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One UI 5 Watch update on the horizon for select Samsung Galaxy smartwatches

Samsung recently revealed initial details of the upcoming One UI 5 Watch update that will be available later this year for select Galaxy Watches – the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5, both currently operating on Wear OS 3. It is expected that One UI 5 Watch will be launched in conjunction with Wear OS 4. Samsung’s focus for this update has been to improve the user experience by enhancing three key areas: sleep tracking, fitness tools, and safety features.

Better sleep

Samsung aims to improve the sleeping experience of Galaxy Watch users with the One UI 5 Watch update. To accomplish this, Samsung has concentrated on three significant aspects:

  1. Personalized sleep analysis via a new Sleep Insights UI that exhibits the user’s sleep score, with a more explicit snapshot of the previous night’s rest, including data on snoring hours, blood oxygen levels, and sleep phases.
  2. Promoting healthy sleeping habits through Sleep Coaching, which is accessible directly from the user’s Galaxy smartwatch, without having to switch to a connected phone.
  3. Enhancing a sleep-friendly atmosphere through better connectivity between Galaxy Watches and SmartThings-compatible devices, which allows more intelligent home devices to respond to the user’s Sleep Mode settings.


One UI 5 Watch brings a significant upgrade to Wear OS smartwatches, especially in fitness activities. Samsung’s goal is to enhance the Galaxy Watches’ capabilities as fitness partners, by introducing a new personalized Heart Rate Zone, which offers customized running tools like real-time running analysis and an interval training program.

The Heart Rate Zone feature can evaluate users’ physical abilities and establish five optimal workout intensity levels to help them set achievable goals based on their capabilities. The five intensity levels include warm-up, fat burn, cardio, hard training, and max.

Moreover, One UI 5 Watch offers an expanded Route Workout that now includes walking and running activities. Additionally, Watch 5 Pro users can access GPX Files through the Samsung Health app.

User safety

Lastly, One UI 5 Watch update seeks to provide users with better safety and peace of mind. The update introduces improved safety features, including an updated SOS system, which allows for direct communication with an emergency phone number and sends the wearer’s location and medical details. Additionally, One UI 5 Watch will enable Fall Detection by default for users aged 55 or older, making Galaxy Watches even safer.

Beta program

Samsung will offer One UI 5 Watch for beta testing to Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 users through the Samsung Members app, just like the company’s beta programs for new Android versions. Although it is unclear where the beta program will be available, Samsung has not yet disclosed that information.

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