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Next-Generation Huawei Smartwatches Could Feature Satellite Wireless Networking

Huawei has filed a fresh patent application that hints at the possibility of future smartwatches featuring satellite connectivity for wireless networking. This proposed advancement in smart wearables technology could be a significant development.

The details of the patent application reveal that Huawei submitted it under application number CN116015392A on October 22, 2021. The patent, titled “Wearable device, Beidou short message transmission method and related products,” was published on April 25, 2023.

The technical details of the patent reveal that the wearable device comprises an antenna radiator, a Beidou communication module, and a processor.

The Beidou communication module comprises a satellite positioning unit and a short message unit. The satellite positioning unit works in conjunction with the processor to obtain global position information through the antenna radiator.

Moreover, the short message unit is utilized to allow the antenna radiator to transmit and receive Beidou short messages, which are multiplexed under the control of the processor.

The patent proposes a functionality for sending Beidou short messages through a wearable device. The smartwatch’s processor receives an input signal and/or determines whether the current conditions meet the criteria for triggering a message.

Subsequently, the Beidou satellite communication module can be employed to transmit short messages through the antenna radiator. This technology allows wearable devices to communicate through Beidou satellites even in areas without network coverage, facilitating communication during emergency situations.

Huawei has already introduced satellite SMS technology with Watch Ultimate, but the latest patent application indicates a new advancement in smartwatch technology: wireless networking via satellite connectivity.

The Watch Ultimate is the world’s first smartwatch to support two-way Beidou satellite messages on a large scale. Even when there is no terrestrial network available, the Watch Ultimate can send satellite-powered messages independently to a mobile device.

The recipient of the message can receive Beidou satellite SMS via the Huawei Meetime app or as a short message, with the option to reply to the Huawei Watch Ultimate through the MeeTime app or a URL link in the short message in accordance with the preset message.

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