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New update makes it easier to find Wear OS games in the Google Play Store

Google introduced a new “Other devices” section in September to help users easily discover apps for Wear OS, TV, and Automotive from their mobile phones. Recently, Google Play has further simplified the process of finding games for Wear OS.

To locate games for your Wear OS device, simply navigate to the Play Store’s Games feed and select the “Other devices” tab located after “For you” and “Top charts.” Previously, only the “TV” category was available, but now the “Watch” category is included as well.

Google has curated two collections so far, “Relax with games for your watch: Forget the time” and “Challenging games on the go: Win on your watch,” which feature just over two dozen titles.

You can easily download any of these games to your watch from the collection page, or you can use the “Your devices” filter to search for more games. While playing games on a small circular display may not be ideal, it’s still a fun way to pass the time with your Wear OS device.

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