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Navigate the World with Ease: Huawei Watch 4’s Petal Maps Wearable Breaks Free from Phones

Huawei has made a groundbreaking move by introducing phone-free navigation mode on their smartwatches for the very first time. This exciting feature is now available on the Huawei Watch 4 series, which includes two models, including a Pro variant.

The latest iteration of Petal Maps Wearable introduces a game-changing feature that enables direct map access from your wrist, eliminating the dependency on a smartphone. This independent functionality of the new version allows users to effortlessly view data and navigate by simply raising their arm, making it a secure gesture for activities like cycling or climbing, while also providing overall convenience.

Smartwatches offer a comprehensive navigation service that encompasses various features such as destination search, route planning, walking and cycling navigation, voice prompts, and vibration reminders to ensure accurate route selection at intersections. Additionally, these smartwatches provide convenient extras like one-click navigation to nearby points of interest such as bus stops or coffee shops, enabling users to quickly locate grocery stores and supermarkets with ease.

Moreover, Huawei elaborates that the latest version of Petal Maps Wearable incorporates an intelligent recommendation system powered by an exclusive multi-path planning algorithm. This advanced feature suggests the optimal routes for biking or walking, constantly updating the data in real time to provide reliable and precise information without any delay.

Furthermore, Petal Maps showcases the complete navigation map directly on the watch face and seamlessly integrates with HarmonyOS, ensuring a seamless user experience.

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