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Leaked images of the Pixel Watch 2 watch faces reveal vibrant and colorful designs, suggesting they might not be available for the current model

Android Authority’s screenshots reveal a sneak peek at four fresh watch faces expected to make their debut alongside Pixel Watch 2. These faces, named “Accessible,” “Arc,” “Bold Digital,” and “Analog Bold,” seamlessly blend with Google’s current collection while offering enhanced functionality.

The “Accessible” face stands out with its easily legible fonts available in a range of colors and providing ample space for minimal complications.

On the other hand, “Arc” exhibits a design and functionality reminiscent of the Apple Watch. It allows for up to four complications alongside additional information displayed around the ring. Moreover, users have the option to include a seconds hand, and there are a total of six variants available. It appears that this particular watch face could be among the most versatile offerings from Google.

Both “Bold Digital” and “Analog Bold” adopt the styles found in Android 14’s lock screen. The digital variant is limited to displaying up to three complications, which aligns with certain current Pixel Watch faces. On the other hand, the analog face offers specific complications and provides additional customization options around the ring.

The vibrant appearances showcased in these images are expected to complement Wear OS 4’s Material You dynamic theming and the upcoming Google-designed bands. However, it’s worth noting that these new watch faces will exclusively be available for Pixel Watch 2, which is a disappointment for owners of the original model. Additionally, the Wear OS 4 upgrade will reportedly extend the boot animation, mirroring the feature seen on Pixel phones.

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