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HUAWEI Watch Ultimate: The premium smartwatch that offers an extended battery life

This is a guest post from S.P., a fellow designer who creates awesome designs and acquired the HUAWEI Watch Ultimate pretty early. Check out his portfolio at the end of the post to see his work.

Preliminary impressions:

With the HUAWEI Watch Ultimate, HUAWEI not only wants to appeal to extreme athletes with style, because this elegant watch has it all.

The case is made of zirconium-based amorphous alloy, this robustness also makes it suitable for mountaineers and divers. It also offers everyday functions such as music playback and health functions such as ECG, arterial stiffness detection and blood oxygen analysis. (Compared to a stainless steel case, this material is 4.5x stronger, 2.5x harder and 17.4% lighter)

What I particularly liked:

  • Design and excellent workmanship
  • Enduring battery
  • Robust materials
  • A lot of health functions
  • Comfortable fit

What I did not like:

  • No payment with the watch is possible

Processing and design:

The HUAWEI Watch Ultimate is a relatively large watch. With dimensions of 48.5 mm x 48.5 mm x 13.0 millimeters (mm), it is more in line with standard chronographs. Compared to the Pixel Watch at 41.0 x 41.0 x 12.3mm or the large Galaxy Watch 5 at 44.4mm x 43.3mm x 9.8mm, it’s quite massive. At the same time, it is also not the lightest in comparison. At 76 grams, it weighs more than twice as much as the Samsung watches. However, compared to diving watches, which tend to be classified beyond the 100 gram limit, the weight of the HUAWEI Watch Ultimate is negligible, especially because of its size.

The design of the watch is clearly based on classic chronographs. The case consists of an amorphous metal/zirconium alloy. The lower part and the bezel are made of ceramic and the display is hidden behind sapphire glass. Very good prerequisites for a robust wristwatch that is also water-resistant to 100 meters during diving. It is namely certified according to ISO standard 2281011, according to EN 133192 An internationally recognized standard for diving accessories.

Three buttons complement the technical design of the watch. They are located on the sides of the case and clearly stand out. The top right knob is the most important button and can also be turned, for example to adjust the volume of the music playback. On the left is a microphone and at the bottom of the ceramic case are the speakers. The lower right button can be individually adjusted and also serves as an electrode that is responsible for the ECG function. The left button starts the new expedition mode.

Bottom line, the impression is absolutely first class. The look of a sporty chronograph can easily be completed with the right watch face from the app’s very large range. At the same time, the workmanship is flawless and absolutely meets my price-performance expectations.

You control the Watch Ultimate via the HUAWEI Health app. HUAWEI makes access easier for you and offers you the app for download on its own website for Android and iOS. You do not need an additional app store, just HUAWEI’s AppGallery, for the download.

The app is quick to install and, apart from a HUAWEI user account, does not initially require any other HUAWEI apps. This is very pleasant and an advantage over Samsung’s handle with some more special functions of the Galaxy Watch 4 or 5. Here you sometimes need an app that is only available for Samsung cell phones.


The “Ultimate” in HUAWEI Watch Ultimate should not only underline the optical premium impression. The manufacturer has literally stuffed the watch with premium functions. A dive computer is included. Maybe not really important for every wearer, but definitely offer added value in everyday life.

Sport and health:

When it comes to sports and health, the smartwatch is equipped with a cornucopia of functions. In addition to the pedometer, which has now become a must to include, you will find all kinds of training profiles for indoor and outdoor sports and training equipment in the training app. At the same time you get comprehensive information about your body. In addition to pulse, sleep analysis, blood oxygen analysis and EKG, you can also have arterial hardening measured. The watch also keeps an eye on your stress levels and athletes receive information about their lactate threshold.

Extreme sports:

I don’t know of any smartwatch other than the Apple Watch Ultra that you can keep no matter if you are climbing a mountain, diving or attending an important business meeting.

The Watch Ultimate is relatively large – and that’s a good thing, because it should also be able to be worn over the equipment of extreme athletes. An extra long bracelet is included in the package for this specific reason.

With the new expedition mode, you can use GPS, compass and waypoints to find your way in both the real and the urban jungle.


The HUAWEI Watch Ultimate has an elegant design, robust materials, long battery life, fast charging and an extensive package for extreme athletes and health trackers. I love it!

About the author:

Hello my Name is Sergej Pril and as a watch enthusiast, my love for photography and graphic design, I have awakened a new passion with the design of classic dials.

In addition to my preference for analog watches, I also design digital and hybrid watch faces. For the modern era of smartwatches, I would like to combine the timeless style of the classic watch with the modern one, so the focus is on the 5 styles in watch design.

Whether classic, sporty, technical, retro or functional, you will find a design for every occasion.

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