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Huawei Watch D, the first smart watch that really measures your blood pressure

The Huawei Watch D is a smartwatch that has set itself apart from the rest of the wearables in the market. It was presented at the IFA in Berlin in 2022 and is the first smartwatch to have CE medical certification, allowing it to measure blood pressure without the need for any additional tools. This is achieved through the incorporation of a mini-compressor in the watch case that inflates an air chamber positioned between the strap and the leather, exerting pressure on the wrist arteries to detect the blood pressure. The device can also measure other vital signs such as blood saturation, skin temperature, heart rate, and even an electrocardiogram.

However, the watch is not waterproof, which limits its use for water-based activities. The device must be worn correctly, and the length of the strap must be adjusted to ensure accurate pressure measurement. The wide fluoroelastomer bracelet is comfortable to wear, and the mini-compressor is effective and does not affect the battery life, providing at least 6 days of autonomy.

To measure blood pressure, the watch inflates a small double-layered airbag and uses Huawei’s TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology to monitor the pressure in the arteries. The measurement is documented on a dedicated screen and transmitted to the Huawei Health app, which archives the data and provides useful statistics. The app also allows users to set custom measurement schedules and send blood pressure reminders.

The Watch D has a 1.64-inch AMOLED display with 456×280 resolution and 326ppi, which is easy to read in all lighting conditions. The touch screen operates smoothly, and the transition between screens is fluid and precise. The aluminum case is sleek and elegant, with only two buttons on the right side. The Watch D weighs 40.9 grams and costs 399 euros.

The software part, the Huawei Health app, is both a strength and a weakness of the device. It offers detailed statistics on physical activity, stress, allows users to keep a food diary, guides anti-stress meditation practices, and provides free training programs. However, pairing the device with an Android phone can be more cumbersome, and the app must be downloaded directly from the Huawei website. Additionally, the Watch D cannot answer calls or messages.

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