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How to activate ECG and Blood Pressure functionalities on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in all regions, including non-Samsung smartphones.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 offers a diverse range of health monitoring and physical fitness capabilities. Unfortunately, not all users can access all of these features. For instance, the ECG and blood pressure functionalities are limited to specific regions. Furthermore, even in the supported regions, these features cannot be utilized when the watch is paired with a non-Samsung smartphone. Fortunately, there exists a solution to access these capabilities across all geographical areas, even when using non-Samsung devices. If you are using your Galaxy Watch 4 with a non-Samsung phone or are unable to access these features due to regional constraints, the following instructions outline the process to activate ECG and blood pressure functions on your Galaxy Watch 4.

Enabling ECG and blood pressure features on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

In order to activate ECG and blood pressure tracking on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in regions where it’s not officially supported or when using a non-Samsung phone, you’ll have to download and install the customized Samsung Health Monitor application created by Dante63, a senior member of XDA. This modified app needs to be installed on both your smartphone and the Galaxy Watch 4 device.

You can find the exact steps for doing this in thorough detail on the website. While the process is a bit more involved than just installing an app or changing a few settings, if you carefully follow the steps, you’ll definitely be successful in unlocking what your watch can really do.

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