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Google’s New Wear OS 3 Accessibility Features: Color and Sound Modes

Google has recently announced helpful accessibility features for Wear OS 3 users, including new color and sound modes. These updates are part of Google’s spring feature dump and offer more choices for users to personalize their smartwatch experience.

One of the new features is a mono-audio mode, which allows users to turn off stereo sound to limit disorientation. Additionally, color correction and grayscale modes have been added to the watch’s display settings, joining options such as text magnification, TalkBack, and Real-Time Text (RTT) on the Google Pixel Watch.

Google Keep has also received a wider update, including two new watch face complications that let users quickly access note creation or their to-do list. This feature eliminates the need to swipe through menus to access the desired function, as a tap on the watch face automatically opens voice input.

While there is no specific timeline for the rollout of these new features, Google has indicated that it will happen soon. This move represents Google’s effort to improve its smartwatch platform and keep it current. With the expected release of Pixel Watch Fall Detection, more updates can be expected in the coming weeks.

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