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Google is rolling out version 2.66 of Google Home for Wear OS, which includes a redesign, Favorites feature, media controls, and additional improvements.

The latest version of Google Home for Wear OS, version 2.66, is now being rolled out, as announced last week. This update brings significant functional improvements and a redesigned interface.

Once you update the app and see the “what’s new” screen, you will be directed to a Favorites feed that reflects the devices and automations/routines you have saved on Google Home for Android and iOS. Initially, up to five devices and automations/routines will be visible, with the option to load the rest of your list by selecting “View all.”

At the bottom of the screen, you will find the Devices, Automations (possibly introduced later, potentially for those in the Public Preview), and Settings sections. The Devices list organizes items by rooms and serves as the main feed, similar to the previous version.

With this update, you have gained enhanced control over lights and thermostats. In addition to adjusting the temperature, you can now switch between different modes. When it comes to smart lighting, a long press on a tile allows you to adjust both the Temperature (using a control strip) and the Color (using a circular picker). Tapping the tile still turns the light on or off, while sliding enables you to adjust the brightness.

In comparison to the previous version, you now have comprehensive media controls for content such as songs being Casted to Nest Hub. This means you can view the current playback, pause or resume, and skip to the next or previous track by tapping on the Nest Hub Max tile. Previously, you were only able to adjust the volume.

Additionally, you now have the capability to lock and unlock supported devices.

In order to receive animated camera notification previews, make sure to update to version 1.4 or later of Wear OS System UI, specifically on the Pixel Watch. This update is applicable to Nest Cams and Doorbells released since 2021. On Google’s smartwatch, you can access Google Home by using the tile located at the top of Quick Settings. Additionally, you can choose to display the Google Home app on your watch face either as a complication with an accent-matching icon or in full color.

The redesigned version 2.66 of Google Home is now being rolled out through the Wear OS Play Store. However, a “Preview” experience or variant is still available for those participating in that program.

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