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Google is introducing this feature from Apple Watch to Wear OS smartwatches.

Google has initiated the rollout of a new update for Wear OS smartwatches, featuring numerous enhancements, including the latest version of Google Play Services (v24.18). Among the updates is a new functionality dubbed School Time, designed to assist parents in effectively overseeing and regulating their child’s smartwatch activities. Notably, a comparable feature is already accessible on the Apple Watch operating with watchOS.

With School Time, parents can establish restrictions on the applications their child can access and mute their device during designated time frames. This functionality resembles Apple’s School Time feature for Apple Watch. However, Google’s official release notes lack detailed information regarding the specific features of School Time for Wear OS and the extent of parental control it will provide. In contrast, the Apple version enables parents to block applications, activate Do Not Disturb mode, and schedule breaks for activities such as lunch and emergency calls.

Although specifics are lacking, we anticipate Google will provide a relatively similar set of features with Wear OS’ School Time functionality. The introduction of this new feature prompts questions regarding its compatibility with various Wear OS smartwatches. It remains unclear whether School Time will be supported across all Wear OS devices or restricted to newer models.

Google’s initiative reflects a commitment to enhancing parental controls and refining the user experience on Wear OS devices. By introducing a feature akin to Apple’s Schooltime, Google seeks to empower parents with enhanced oversight over their child’s smartwatch activities, thereby fostering a safer and more regulated digital environment.

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