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Finally! Samsung Unlocks Temperature Sensor Feature on Galaxy Watch 5

After nearly nine months since its launch, Samsung has finally activated temperature tracking on its Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smartwatches. This new feature allows for detailed menstrual tracking by monitoring the user’s core body temperature. According to Samsung, the feature is being gradually released to the Samsung Health app in the United States, Korea, and some European countries.

According to a press release, the updated Samsung Health app will not only rely on counting the number of days since your last period but also measure your basal body temperature (BBT) right after you wake up. To access this feature, users can go to Cycle Tracking within the Samsung Health app, provided it has been updated. Samsung has employed “infrared technology” to track temperature changes, which helps determine if the user is nearing ovulation or their period’s onset.

Samsung has partnered with Natural Cycles to provide this feature, which was first announced in February. However, the company cautions that if the user is on hormonal birth control or undergoing treatment that prevents ovulation, the service may not be useful for tracking ovulation. Accurate predictions also require consistent usage of the watch, including wearing it while sleeping. Additionally, Samsung has set a minimum reccomended age of 18 years for using this feature.

Cycle Tracking will assess the user’s symptoms based on the daily log and recommend lifestyle adjustments as they approach their menstrual cycle. For instance, Samsung Health may suggest taking a day off after intense exercise or recommend stretches to relieve pelvic pain.

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