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According to rumors, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 might further set itself apart from other smartwatches by incorporating a curved display.

Samsung is currently among the top brands for Android smartwatches available in the market. This is not surprising, given that Samsung has been manufacturing smartwatches for almost ten years and has honed its craft. While their Wear OS wearable provides an all-inclusive experience, there are still areas where Samsung can enhance its offering, such as incorporating new technologies and refresing its slightly bland design.

In general, the Galaxy Watch line has had a distinct appearance, featuring a flat display and an iconic rotating bezel. While the physical rotating bezel was removed in recent releases, the overall design remained relatively consistent with previous versions. However, it seems that Samsung may be considering a significant change for their next Galaxy smartwatch.

According to Ice Universe, a source on Twitter who has been reliable with Samsung leaks in the past, the Galaxy Watch 6 may come with a curved glass display. While the source mentioned that Samsung would return to a curved glass design, this is likely a reference to the Galaxy Watch Active series, which had a curved display in both of its releases.

Currently, there is not much additional information available. However, switching to a curved display could give Samsung’s watches a more streamlined appearance than their current offerings. Although the Google Pixel Watch received criticism for its poor battery life, most reviewers agreed that it had an excellent appearance. If Samsung adopts a curved design, it is worth wondering how similar the upcoming Galaxy Watch and Pixel Watch will appear.

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