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We design watches for those who need the advanced functionality of the smart watch but long for the classics on the wrist. Compatible with Wear OSHUAWEI and HONOR devices, you will surely find the perfect look for any occasion.

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2022 Watch face designer incentive CAMPAIGN
Cross Content Hero – 4th place
December 2022

Square Headed Devs – 3rd place
Cross Content Hero – 4th place
November 2022

HUAWEI Shining Stars of the Month – Watch 3 category
October 2022

HUAWEI Shining Stars of the Month – Band 6 category
September 2022

HUAWEI Shining Stars of the Month – Band 6 category
August 2022

HUAWEI Shining Stars of the Month – Watch 3 category
July 2022


CELEST 2360 Dress Watch

CELEST watchfaces are like a breath of fresh air among all the run of the mill competitors bursting with features and data. Mission accomplished: the smart watch can now really take the place of legacy watches, with the added goodies well hidden but always just a few screen swipes away.

Zsolt Káldos - Aug 23, 2022, 12:45

CELEST 1830 Aviator Watch

The simplicity is what makes this design special. It just works really well. Excellent watchface.

Brendon Hall - Sep 3, 2022, 05:36

CELEST 5120 Minimalist Watch

What a unique design. Truly one of a kind. Makes my watch feel like KIT from Knightrider. I love it. Great idea

Brendon Hall - Oct 8, 2022, 11:09

CELEST 5310 Smart analog Watch

Celest does it again. Very well crafted classic designs. The details are amazing. Everything on these faces is so well organized and so clean. I mean they really do look like manufactured high end watches and not some cheaply put together computer graphic.

Brendon Hall - Dec 1, 2022, 14:27

CELEST 5418 Military Watch

Wow.. what a cool design. Another completely original work of art. Thanks for the hard work .very very cool watchface. Very awesome developer.

Brendon Hall - Nov 30, 2022, 08:36

CELEST 1910 Military Watch

Tolles Analoges Watchface. Verschiedene Optiken um das Aussehen je nach Lust und Laune anzupassen.

Great analogue watchface. Different optics to customize the look depending on your mood.

Bernd Jaeger - Aug 27, 2022, 11:05

CELEST 5424 Minimalist Watch

Great app Recommend to everyone Super good…

Sándor Balázs - Jan 13, 2023, 10:24

CELEST 5415 Digital Watch

I miss wearing my vintage digital watches so when I saw this watchface, I knew I had to have it. Works great on my Galaxy Watch 4.

Daniel Garcia - Jan 8, 2023

CELEST 1800 Military Watch

Awesome watchface. No one else is doing the classics like celest. Would love to see this watch with brown/Grey number choices and Tru Black background. Keep up the good work.

Brendon Hall - Aug 22, 2022, 15:34

CELEST 1950 Military Watch

Crazy cool. Beautiful colours!💥

Eriq Olin - Oct 9, 2022, 19:45

CELEST 1700 Analog Watch

Excellent watchface. The graphics are very crisp and the colors look beautiful. Another celest classic on every level

Brendon Hall - Sep 4, 2022, 16:26

CELEST 5300 Smart analog Watch

Absolutely fantastic rendition of a timeless classic. Beautifully and classy. Well done Celest!

Brendon Hall - Oct 1, 2022, 04:15

CELEST 1820 Aviator Watch

Thank you! very beautiful dial with inscriptions in Russian 😍😍😍😍

Рапрорпрак Апппо - Aug 4, 2022, 11:25

CELEST 1310 Minimalist Watch

Minimal style. Look clear and easy. Good watch face one.

Patrix Paspitsanu - Sep 4, 2022, 18:13

CELEST1300 Vintage Watch

Ever since I moved from my Galaxy Watch 1 (Tizen) to Galaxy Watch 4 Classic (WearOS) I was struggling to find a good watch face and now finally I’ve got one. I guess that this would be my watch face for a long long time now. Thanks for making this.

Akshay Mehta - Nov 22, 2022, 14:33

CELEST 1900 Military Watch

Yep, these millitary faces are awesome. The best I’ve ever found. They just work. Not overly realistic but a perfect mix of abstract and realism and it looks beautiful on your watch. Great work.

Brendon Hall - Aug 22, 2022, 21:15

CELEST 5419 Military Watch

Another masterpeice. Celest makes the best analogs I’m the Play store. I’ve tried hundreds. Awesome and simplificied.

Brendon Hall - Dec 5, 2022, 17:26

CELEST 5427 Diver Watch

Woow!!! Awesome watchface. Celest has figured how to make the most realistic and awesome looking faces in the store. Forget the rest. Woow! Awesome watchface. BRAVO SIR!

Brendon Hall - Jan 9, 2023

CELEST 3000 Retro Digital Watch

Love the retro Casio look. I bought it without hesitation after missing the coupons! It would be epic if you added a toggle for the classic light that came on these. Not the backlit LCD but the old school dim light to see it in the dark.

Rick L. (Rickels) - Sep 12, 2022, 13:31

CELEST 1400 Aviator Watch

Keep up the good work. The simplicity of your designs is what makes them special thanks for all the retro military analog stuff. Sometimes it’s better not to have all the hyper realistic elements on a watch, it starts to look like a bad TV screen at night. Would love a True Black background to be added to your faces. Thanks keep up the good job.

Brendon Hall - Aug 19, 2022, 06:16


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